Liquid Staking SUI

Stake your SUI to receive vSUI while staking.Stake your SUI to receive liquid vSUI.
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Rewards fee
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vSUI market cap


What is Volo?
Volo is a liquid staking DeFi platform specifically designed for the SUI ecosystem. Staking SUI with Volo gives vSUI in return, which is a liquid version of SUI that can be used across multiple DeFi platforms. The growth and utility of vSUI is managed by the Volo DAO through governance.
What is vSUI?
vSUI is a liquid version of the SUI token. It represents the value of staked SUI tokens and allows users to retain the liquidity of their staked assets while earning rewards.
How can I use vSUI?
vSUI can be used in the same way as SUI tokens on supported platforms within the Volo and Sui ecosystem. You can utilize vSUI for various purposes such as participating in DeFi protocols, trading on decentralized exchanges, or providing liquidity in liquidity pools.
Are there any docs about the SUI staking and how to set up my wallet?
Yes, we provide comprehensive documentation that guides you through the SUI staking process and wallet setup. You can find the user guide and docs here.
What is the minimum amount of SUI tokens that I can stake?
The minimum amount of SUI tokens is
Is there a maximum amount of SUI I can stake?
There is no maximum amount for staking SUI tokens. You can stake any amount you choose.
What is the minimum amount to unstake?
The minimum amount to initiate the unstaking process for vSUI tokens is .
How do I receive rewards?
Staking SUI tokens allows you to earn rewards daily. The rewards are automatically distributed to the rewards pool. The value of vSUI increases daily, which is a representation of how much SUI each vSUI is worth. The ratio of vSUI to SUI can be found above.
How soon after staking will I begin to receive rewards?
You will start earning rewards immediately after staking your SUI tokens. Rewards are accrued and distributed on a daily basis.
Does Volo charge any fees for the staking service?
No, Volo does not charge any fees for the liquid staking services. The only fee’s are dependent on the staking validator where the SUI is staked, however this is accounted for in the calculated APY% displayed above. Protocol fees are subject to change in the future through the Volo Governance DAO.
Is there any risk involved in staking SUI tokens?
While staking SUI tokens is generally safe, it's important to understand that there are inherent risks associated with any staking activity. These risks include potential network failures or protocol-related penalties. However, we take measures to select reputable and secure validators to minimize these risks. We have also reached out to multiple reputable smart contract audit firms for the liquid staking contract, these reports can be found here.
Is there any liquidity available vSUI tokens?
Yes, you can explore liquidity options for your staked SUI tokens on our platform. We offer various liquidity pools and opportunities to participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities and to earn $VOLO for supporting the liquidity. Links for DeFi apps will be provided here on mainnet.
Why do I receive a different amount of vSUI tokens compared to SUI when staking?
vSUI only changes in value, which is why the amount of vSUI you get when staking is calculated by the formula stake * exchange_ratio. The exchange ratio is calculated like this: totals_supply_of_vSUI/ (total_staked_sui + total_rewards_for_staked_sui - total_unstaked_vSUI). The current ratio or value of vSUI can be found above on this page, and it is increasing on a daily basis.